5 Valli


Cinque Valli covers more than 60 Towns and Villages in the province of Imperia and in France. The name Cinque Valli means the Five Valleys, but by now Cinque Valli is of course more than five valleys!

The website tries to give you an impression of the size and of what to expect when you decide to visit this area of Italy and France.

The area of Cinque Valli has a lot to offer; nature, the sea, the mountains. Many beautiful small villages, of which you didn’t have an idea they existed! Culture and food and of course many events, all year, not only in the high seasons.

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You should also have a look the What to do section and in the Tips and Article section. Here you find good ideas what to do during your stay in Cinque Valli.

In the City Maps section we collected some of the city maps. Feel free to download and print them.

Please check out our Event Calendar which gives you a good overall view of the many events throughout the year.

Our best advice for you, is to take your time, to browse through the many good information on this website.

You can download a map of the Cinque Valli here